Bengal Application


DUE to COVID-19 CONCERNS, WE  ARE NOT ACCEPTING VISITS IN OUR HOME/CATTERY UFN; We will However, schedule in-home interviews in your home as well as deliveries on an individual basis.  Thank you.  

OUR BENGALS ARE PLACED AS PETS ONLY - WE NO LONGER PLACE THEM AS BREEDER/SHOW - Unless We Know You Personally & You Have 5 or More Years Experience With a TICA or CFA Registered Cattery.

You Must be OVER 21 Years of Age!!  Submitting This Application Adds You To Our VIP Waiting List.  Your information will remain confidential & be used for the sole purpose of determining proper kitten/cat placement; this information will only be shared in the Rare Instance of a referral to another Bengal Breeder - if we do not have anything available.  

Due to the Popularity of Bengals, Incomplete Applications can not be considered - You Must Answer Every Question - for PET buyers, put "n/a" for questions pertaining to Breeders. The Safety & Well-Being of Our Bengals (not to mention ourselves) is Our #1 Concern, therefore, this application is quite thorough.   

Must be Completed Prior to Each Bengal Visit ($50 ea. & applied towards deposit) &/or Purchase - No Visit, Pick Up, Delivery, or Air Shipping (Breeder buyers whom we personally know) Will Be Scheduled Until Seller Receives This Completed Application.  There is a Significant Amount of Important Bengal-related information on this website; if you are not interested in learning more about this breed, we can not place a Bengal with you.

Once received, this Application automatically adds your name to our PRIORITY WAITING LIST, but, does not hold a specific kitten until a deposit has been placed on that kitten at your request! You may place a Deposit (generally $250 Pet, $500 Breeder) at the time of Application, as Buyers With Deposits Already In Place will be given priority for the type of kitten desired (Breeders, then Pets).  Completing this application does not necessarily guarantee the sale of a Bengal to you.  If we choose to place a kitten/cat with you, please be advised that providing false, misleading or inaccurate information is considered a Breach of Contract terms & is grounds for cancellation immediately upon discovery.  Also, by submitting this Application, you agree not to share, post, take screen shots, or communicate any details of our messages, emails, conversations, etc., without prior written consent from seller, as all communication between potential buyer & seller is considered strictly confidential.  ALL Bengals Remain Solely Seller's Legal Property Until 3 Days (72 hrs) After Date of Physical Transfer to Buyer.  After That Time, Buyer is the Legally Responsible Owner (per the ND Division of Consumer Affairs); a Standard Health Guarantee is Included With KITTENS only.  ​Pet & Breeder/Show Bengals Available WITHIN THE USA to U.S. CITIZENS  Only - no crossing International borders with our Bengals!! Without Specific paperwork, Bengals WILL be Confiscated & often Euthanized, i.e. when re-entering the USA, due to being down from wild heritage.   




Certain Behavior Will NOT Be Tolerated,  including, but, not limited to:   Unscheduled visits, excessive calls/emails due to Impatience;  persistent, intrusive, combative, pushy, offensive, or aggressive behavior; insults, threats, intimidation tactics, being lied to or deceived, harassment of any kind, trying to force us to sell you a kitten, extortion attempts (i.e. for Your Vet bills); also statements or assumptions that OUR Bengal belongs to you - prior to Physical Release on pick up date.  Any one of the aforementioned could result in the immediate cancellation of the sale [at any time] & may be grounds for legal action.   We Reserve the Right to Refuse to Sell to Anyone, at Any Time, & for Any Reason, i.e. buyers who we deem would not provide a good, safe INDOOR home!!  We Absolutely Will Not Sell as Barn Cats or Mousers or to Impulse Buyers!